Congrats Ladies!

Our first year of college is OVER. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about how much I would miss everyone the day I went off to school, but almost a year later I can honestly say the tearful post was quite overdramatic. I say that because everyone that I was reluctant to let go...never left. The ones that I wanted to stay by my side truly did. Not to mention all of the people that I've added to the "friendship roster." I'm sure that this doesn't only apply to me we've all went our separate ways when we went off to college, but somehow we continue to pick up where we left off each time like nothing has changed. 

This first of college has been a BLAST. Between the parties, the all-nighters, and everything else in between college has lived up to everything I thought it would be. Aside from the stress of keeping up my GPA, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. Although completing our first year may seem like a milestone in itself, we've still got three more years as undergrads. Let's continue to make lasting memories and strive for everything that we've envisioned.