M I S S I N G what Kylie wouldn't give for one more listen

*sigh* Back in our day the music was good..alot different than the stuff we hear today. We played a small part in the "booty mix" music era that was provided by us with crews such as Uncle Luke, Kilo Ali, and the 69 Boyz. Say you don't dance? I gurantee you this was the type of music that would have brung out the freak in you. Time progressed and music once again transformed into something greater. These are a few faces that have seemed to dissapear over the years..these are a few songs that we would kill for just one listen...these are the joys of our childhood.

Faces we'll never forget...

Lil Bow wow...let me say that again. LITTLE Bow wow. Not the douche we know today. Young Shad Moss. He was every girls dream guy. He was sooo cute, and he could rap. Smh, this boy used to be the hottest thing out. Do you all remeber his first movie "Like Mike"? I saw it twice. lol.

B2k. Damn, these boys used to be hot shit too.The group contained of four soft voiced, sexy ass, dancing teenagers. lol. From right to left their names were J-Boog, Ras B, Omarion, and Lil Fizz.  Everyone had a favorite and J-Boog was definately mine. I remember when they came out with that movie "You Got Served"..who didn't go to the movies to see it? EVERYBODY. This was one of the first dance battle movies.

SN: its funny too me now because when i watch this movie..i'm actually kind of turned off by its corniness and poor acting cast..but it was hot back then. lol.

I decided to put the original group and the later altered group which included Michelle Williams because both of these mixups were nothing short of phenomenal. I couldn't even give you one song just to listen to. Just know that "Writings on the Wall" and "Destiny's Fulfilled" cd's were both epic. These girls used to jam and their songs to this day are still nothing less than classics.

"I'm getting real tired of your broken promises, promises." I might have not been able to relate to this song then, but I know it's one of my anthems now. lol. These ladies had a very short career but put out two truth spitting hits. I means hits that you can definately relate to with these trifling boys. These were some deep 14 year olds. lol. They also played a role on another short lived Nickelodeon series called "Taina", which had a kickass theme song.

One of my favorite artist. These men right here were nothing short of lyrical geniuses. They spoke truth and truly moved crowds with their creative words and sensational beats. I remeber the day they announced to the world that they were breaking up and each created one cd; Andre 3000's "The Love Below" and Big Boi's "Speakerboxx". This duo definately takes up a large portion of space on my ipod and their hits have taken many slots of several playlist. I love these guys! =)



This is my girl. I love her! She is definately a breath of fresh air and her lyrics are so inspiring. She was definately one of the female lyricist who helped paved the way for the younger generation..and even though they try, no one will live up to her legacy.

Missy Elliot used to be the queen of the fast paced sounds and crafty lyrical combinations. She would get on a track and murder anybody's song with her remix and she just seemed like someone who just so fun to be around. She always held some top ten spot on BET's 106 & know, back when Free and Aj held things down. I wonder where she is now...

This group had girls all around the world taking a stand against scrub ass niggas. Another wonderful group of girls. R.I.P to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. I know this group would still be out producing the hits that we love to this day.

Reconize this group of crazy guys? This is the Atlanta born group, D4l. This was one of the groups that helped take us from those "throw it up in the club" to the lets dance phase. They came out with so many musical jams. Played out now..but if you were still to play their albulm now, you will get that smile on your face as you reminisce about where you were when you first heard that track.

Number one song..topping all of the hip hop charts. I don't know many of their songs because this group also lived a very short career, but their one hit "Knuck if you Buck" was a nation club anthem. Many fights were started in the club off the mere beat drop of this song being played over the

These real life brothers were staight fools. The first men to get on a track..whisper throughtout the entire song..and kill it.! They were definately trend setters with their club bangers..most of which can still be played in the club and still get the whole crowd moving and exclaiming "this used to be my song!"

Pretty Ricky. I was definately a fan. I used to sit up all day and repeat the same songs over and over. I had their cd's, posters, bootleg's, I even made a mix of all of my favorite songs. I also went to the Glow In The Dark Tour Concert and met them..real cool guys by the way lol. I will only speak on the old Pretty Ricky..not their new group with Buttacreame..or whatever his name is. They made sensational slow jams and their music wasn't just aimed for the ladies..the boys were also fans of the group's music. A truly talented music quartet.

...and the songs that made of love them

Lil Bow wow
Ghetto Girls
Puppy Love
Thank you
Bowwow (thats my name)

Bump, Bump, Bump
What a girl wants
Gots Ta Be

Destiny's Child
Bills, Bills, Bills
Say my name
Cater to you

Playa's gone play
No More

Ms. Jackson
Bombs over Baghdad

Lauryn Hill
I Need You Baby
Ex Factor
When It Hurts So Bad
Doo Wop (that thing)

Missy Elliot
Get Your Freak on
Gossip Folks
The Rain (supa dupa fly)
Work it

No Scrubs
Red, Light, Special

Laffy Taffy
Betcha Can't Do It Like Me
Bobble Head
I'm Da Man

Crime Mob
Knuck if you Buck
In my White Tee
I'll Beat Yo Azz
Stilletto Pumps

Ying Yang Twins
Wait (the whisper song)
Whistle While You Twerk
Salt Shaker

Pretty Ricky
Age aint nothing but a Number
Grind on Me
Get You Right
Too Young
Love like Honey

Honorable Mentioned

So Anxious- Ginuwine
Here I Go- Mystikal
Rubberband Man- T.I.
Rollout- Ludacris
99 Problems- Jay Z
I know I Can- Nas
Thuggish Ruggish Bone- Bone Thugz n Harmony
Ignition (remix)- R.Kelly
I Like It- Sammie
Just a Friend- Mario
Stan- Eminem
Pimp Juice- Nelly
Shake that Monkey- Too Short
Get Low- Lil Jon
Yeah- Usher
Nann Nigga- Trick Daddy
Foolish- Ashanti
Put It on Me- Ja Rule
On and On- Erykah Badu
Grindin- The Clipse