Things we want back!

I don't know about you all but i'm a 90's baby and i think the 90's were the best. For those of you late comers who may not remember..this was the era of the greatest cartoons of all time. Back when Nickelodeon was straight shitting on disney. Back when i would wake up at the crack of dawn just to start off my staurday mornings with my favorite cartoons. Now i sleep in just to avoid the bull. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane..Back when tv had a little more substance, and story lines were alot more craftier than Spongebob. *gasp* hard to believe right? -___-. hope you caught that sarcasm.

Cartoons we Craved

Reconize Tommy Pickels and the gang? Thats right Rugrats. This show used to be my inspiration for living. I had the movies, books, pajama sets, i think i even had a rugrats birthday cake. lol. This is just how epic it was. To brief you, Rugrats was about the main character Tommy Pickles and his pals Phil, Lil, Chuckie, and his cousin Angelica and their many adventures throughout childhood. I'm telling you, it's good stuff.

This right here is my main man Doug Funnie from Nickelodeon's Doug. His tv show went into the life of a simple teenager trying to make his way through highschool dealing with family, his best friend Skeeter, the school bully, and the girl he loved, Patty Mayonaise.

Yea i did it..Dragon Ball Z. Don't flex like you have never watched this show. After school i would crab me a bag of my favorite 30 cent chips and sit in front of the tv and catch its latest episode. I can't even tell you what it was about but just know it was good. lol. You know how these anime shows have so much going many characters..yea. It was one of those, but a good watch nonetheless.

Well look who it is. Reconize this face? Its little Eliza from The Wild Thornberry's. This show had so much action and such detailed story lines. I especially like how you could watch it and learn a little something new every episode. It told of the story of a young girl named Eliza Thornberry who was given the power to talk to animals. Which in particular was very cool since her father was a animal documentist and her family traveled all around the world just to tape his shows. They also had a pet monkey named Darwin who was super cool and a little wild So much entertainment trapped into a 30 minute did they do it!

Fighting crime..trying to save the they come just in time..The PowerPuff Girls. What female at the age of 7 did not want to be one of these crime fighting suprhero's, I always wanted to be Buttercup (the green one). The background behind this story was that their father..aka the Professor made them one day in the lab by accidentally spilling chemical X into the mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Thus creating the city of townsville 3 crime fighting kinegarten superheros, Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green). 

Movies we mimicked

Welcome to Good Burger..home of the Good Burger..can I take your order? This movie is a f'n classic. There wasn't a child in this era who wasn't walking around enjoying this infamous quote or dying to see it at any given opportunity. What was it about? I couldn't even tell you..just know its freaking hilarious. Hit up your nearest Blockbuster and go check it out. I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Wow. Speaking of childhood favorites. Here's the journey of 8 little kids doing things that little kids do best. lol. Its totally cute and hilarious and its defiantely been ages since i've viewed this classic. Shoot, while I'm referring you all to check out some of these movies, i need to be doing the same.

"Oh Mr. Wilson!" lol. Damn that was a bad little boy. He used to do everything. A little devil in training, but who could ever be mad at him. With eyes that bright and a smile that big, he always got off the hook quick when he stirred up trouble. A good heart felt comedy that the whole family will enjoy.

I used to love this movie. Oh the struggle of the youth and their barbaric attempts just to be accepted by the older class. Really good movie.

Hocus Pocus. =). To this day i still look forward to Halloween when Disney decides to play all of these classic scary movies. This is the story of three withches that were accidentally arose from the grave. Its the perfect thriller for the youth. With magic, trickery, mummies, witches, and hey, there's even a talking cat! Its a perfect movie to cuddle up with your cutie and enjoy, and did i fail to mention they had a banging soundtrack..yea, it's definately a winner.

An all time American favorite. If you haven't seen this movie then you are definately living in the dark ages but even then I bet you've heard about it. One of the funniest movie of all time. It has love, comedic attributes, loss, sympathy, friendship..and we love it because its so damn quirky. A story of a man named Forest who sits on a park bench and tells a stranger his complete life story.

The cutest movie ever. I used to wish that someone would try to break into my house just so i could get creative like him and get them out. This movie was a comedic action film and a definate family winner. A story of a young boy left behind on a family trip during the christmas holiday, who tries to save his house against neighborhood thieves. He does this by putting his little mind to work and plotting up excellent diversions to keep the criminals out.