On The Radar: Theophilus London

When everyone in the industry is aiming to please the masses with catchy beats, mediocre lyrics, and the dreaded auto-tune, Theophilus London has managed to showcase what raw talent really is. Why we like his music? His sound is labeled the cliched "breath of fresh air", its a compilation of the New York City hipster scene, pop, and rap. He's still considered underground, which in my opinion is sometimes when an artist is at their best, musically. Not to say that being mainstream is all bad, I'm just tired of radio bullsh*t and watching the same videos on MTV. Still not convinced? You don't have to take my word for it, but he's f*cking cool and SN: he's got style. ;-)

Songs To Download:
1. Humdrum Town
2. I Want You
3. Alwyas Love You

Mixtapes To Download:
1.The Charming Mixtape
2. Jam!
3. I Want You Mixtape