Pray for Our SWD Family

Over the years, we've found that many were envious of our Alma Mater Southwest DeKalb, but not for any of the modern-day superficial reasons, but for how close we are as students and as alumni. When one of us is in need, we're all in need and we'll find away to push through our struggles together. With that being said, we've lost many students along the way and even though the time has past these extraordinary people will never be forgotten.
Sadly, we've come to this point again. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Freshman Carmon McBride for their loss over the weekend. As I've stated before SWD is a family and we'll hold Carmon's memory in our hearts.
We're are still praying for Myles, Shakare, and Jasmine. They were involved in the same car accident as Carmon and they, as well as their families, are in need of all our prayers.
All we ask is that you keep these children in your thoughts this weekend and remember that life is too short and that tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Live each day to the fullest and never hesitate to tell someone how much their presence means to you while you still have the opportunity. 

Rest.In.Love Carmon
We're Praying for you Myles, Shakare, and Jasmine. We know you'll pull through.
We Love You.

Aoki's Favorite Songs...EVER!

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite songs were and I couldn't think of them off the top of my head, which worried me. I started thinking of ALL these songs that I loved and when one came to mind, i'd think of the another and so on and so forth. But anyway I sat down and I thought about and I discovered my top ten favorite songs of ALL TIME! Like songs that I can listen to whenever or wherever, and shit like that they are. :)

1. Clocks-Coldplay
2. Us Placers-CRS
3. Empire Ants-Gorillaz
4. Hail Mary-Tupac
5. Warning-Biggie
6. Soul Meets Body-Death Cab for Cutie
7. Beach Chair-Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin
8. Can't Tell Me Nothing-Kanye West
9. She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5
10. Aquemini-Outkast

So thats my top ten...I'm sure now that I've posted this i'll play a song and immediately want to put it on this list, but I'm gonna stand by this one.

...Toast to the douchebags.

*raises glass*


I found this picture yesterday and i thought it was amazing.
No not because of the nudity.
I just have a fascination with "underwater" photography.
I guess it comes from a slight feeling of envy because I know that i could never pose for a picture underwater and survive...I can't swim.

Korean + African American= Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman is definitely hot. African American and Korean, shewas born in Atlanta, Ga and grew up in Los Angeles, California. Iman started modeling with Ford Models at the age of 12 as a child model in Los Angeles, California. She flew to New York in 2006 and won third place in Ford's Supermodel of the World contest.[citation needed] Shortly after, she signed on with the agency.

And here's another one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month..c'mon, show off them tatas. ;-)

I would do some terrible..terrible things for these...

These are just a few items that are totally worth the risk. Lock us up and throw away the key, but knowing us, we won't get caught. ;)


Rihanna vs...Willow Smith??

Thats right, Will Smith's daughter Willow Smith is definitely on the radar. She's young, adorable, and quite the little fashionista if we do say so ourselves. Willow's trendsetting styles first caught our eyes at the BET Hip Hop awards 2010 and ever since she has been on the scene. She is also the latest musician to grace the charts with her new edgy hit "Whip My Hair". There has been comparisons made from Willow and the hit singer Rihanna and we have no choice but to agree. Willow is like the younger version of Rihanna. From the hair, wardrobe, and rockstar beats, both artist share many similarities.

Jeff Rassier print

 This print is in an addition of only 15 ,it is 18"x22" and was created with an Epson 800 series printer using archival inks and acid free substrates,meaning the print will be around long after all of us.It is on heavy watercolor paper .they will be available at blackheart tattoo.They are $150.00 signed and numbered .

Maybe When You Graduate You Can Be This Cool...

SWD Homecoming 2010
Mean Girls Reunited :)

We LOVE these boys.

We Got Proposed the same time. HA!

...This is just the beginning.

On The Radar: Neon Trees

Congrats To Us! This is Our 100th Blog Post and I just wanted to celebrate by highlighting a fairly new alternative band that I'm in LOVE with at the moment. This is their most popular single, its called "Animal".
The band is called Neon Trees and in my opinion they're bringing back the era of alternative music, thats slowly slipping away. This may not be your first choice for musical genres, but being culturally aware and expanding your mind never killed anyone...right?

The Big 100!
It feels NICE!

Who Doesn't Love Boobs?

You're interested now right? I bet. ;)
Anyway, this post is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Pink ribbons are everywhere, but don't forget the meaning behind them.
Breast Cancer affects millions of our women(and men) every year.
So until a cure is found, show your support.

Photo By: Hamilton Photography


Christian Dior Denim Flow :)

The Lookbook