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We've had Va$htie on our radar for quite some time, but this time she's making headlines for a different reason. Recently, she became the first female to design her own pair of Jordan's. If you weren't aware of who she will be soon enough. She's cornered just about every market: film, the New York night life, fashion, but mostly important SNEAKERS! So before I go on a tangent about how awesome Va$htie is, I'm just gonna show you guys why...ok?

Va$htie's Jordan 2's

Wiz Khalifa

Attention: Fans, Groupies, and Posers! Here is Wiz Khalifa Interview for your viewing pleasure. :)

Wiz Khalifa Interview With ImFlashy from on Vimeo.

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maybe the coolist man alive

New Rassier tattoos


Signs found on random blogs.

Coming up on 6 years

Its been 6 years now since Blackheart has been open. Also 6 years that the neigborhood has had to look at our "porta potty green" wall........ your welcome San Francisco



One of our Junkyard Bosses

Your Dose of Ratchet :)

This is my favorite coon tune at the moment and ever since we met Travis Porter the other night *cough backstage cough* I've definitely had this on repeat. Anyway, when you listen to the lyrics it can easily become a stripper anthem.

"Broke Bitches Talk Too Much, Bitch Shut Up." :)

Our friend Mike Wilson did this one...


What's going on kiddies? This is Kylie speaking, here to tell you a story about what happened to me last week at a smoking session. Yes a smoking session with someone i thought was my "friend" and
would have my best interest at heart.

I was at a friend of a friends house off campus. I brought my roomate along for moral support and it was three girl was definitely not going to serve as a good look for me. So we went back the boys house after making a quick liquor store run. My "friend" bought me a 4 loko which was cool since i felt like chilling and relaxing that night. So when we got to the boy's house we got straight to it. He started rolling, they got the classic "high tunes" playing, and another boy started the hotdogs for the munchies afterward. I watched my "friend" roll casually since i'm not a roller, you know just tried to pick up on a few hints. Once the blunt was rolled it was put into rotation and must i say it was some GREAT shit. Kudos to the weedman. After the blunt was done we sat back and relaxed. Shortly after 3 other females strolled in, some of which i had seen around campus. All were tipsy. Smh. fail ass females. After they were seated one of the boys got started in this wild ass story and everybody else was really into it...except me. I could give two fucks about what he was saying. I'm high..i'm just worried about staying on flight. So i look around and notice my "friend" starting to roll the next blunt. I'm looking at him, but every so often. I really had no interest in that either. When i glance at him again i notice he pulls out a small little baggie the size of a button baggie and he has what looks like crushed pills/powder in it. Idk that shit is, alls i know is it aint weed, he slick doing it, and didn't nobody alert me about this change of substance. This mother fucker just tried to lace my faucking weed! Like on some 110% shit. smh. Tf man! He continues to roll and he passes to me but i cop out and say i'm done. If i aint never saw a whaleface, guranteed he gave me one that night. So he passes it to the nigga next to him, but when he passes he leans in and whispers in his ear. Idk what he said but all i know is that the boys stared at it long and hard, shrugged his shoulders, and continued to take a hit. After that i made sure i was able to get the fuck outta there. The fun had ended and his sneaky bullshit had started to blow my high and my empty loko can did nothing for me that night.

The moral of this story is to be aware. Always know where you are headed and pay attention to your surroundings. I will never be that high or that drunk around people i do not know. I will not be that girl. Know the company you keep. My roomate doesn't smoke or drink but she was there and i trust her. Everybody is not your friend and people will not always have your best interest at heart. One good thing to go by when you're out is to think as if you are the only one. If you're not watching then who will. I woke up scared the next morning wondering what could have happened that night and i'm glad i was alert. Don't ever get caught slipping.

Bad Ass vs. Bad...Ass -__-

This Week: Texting!

Typically we save these posts for fashion nightmares, but lately I've encountered some texting mishaps that I feel must be attended to.

1. When you receive a text from a close friend/BF/GF

Do: Respond back immediately (5 minute maximum)

Don't: Ignore the message because you will run into this motherfucker again and nine times out of ten...they're going to call you out!

2.When you receive a text from someone that pissed you off

Do: Hit them with the "who is this?" text, this is guaranteed to get anyone salty.

Don't: Respond like everything is cool because IT'S NOT!

3.When you receive the "LOL", "K", or "Alright" response.

Do: Take that as the end of the convo

Don't: Reply. I mean really what can you possible say after "Alright"?!

4.When you're over the age of 13

Do: Keep your texts classy.

Don't: Add a signature (ex. Zone 6 Princess) I don't want to read this shit after every text i get from you.

5. When you have an iPhone or Blackberry

Do: Double check that the message actually sent.

Don't: Assume that it did and get pissed off when you don't get a response.

*Additional Reminders*

Some things are just WAY too much to text, so you should probably go ahead and make that call, if your text messages are going to be 10 pages long. -___-
three floyds beer label for the BLACK HEART beer art by tim L and jeff R loook them up strong tasty beers!!!

i quit!!! im going to go roast coffeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

were celebs turn to for ink bro

guess where these hot sexy buff dick skinners are bout to get sleeved at!? black heart tattoo! yep we are the shit.

cold slither

got backstage to cold slither ,, god were fucking important

You can never have too many friends.

College is all about networking. Like a wise man once said "It's not always about what you know, but sometimes who you know." I personally think that everyone serves a purpose. Even if the reasoning is as miniscule as to make me laugh or as lage as being my personal chauffer haha, everyone is here with some acts in mind. **Disclaimer- we are not promoting using people to get what you want and need, we are simply saying that close ties to people of these assessts make things a little bit better.

Friends with Cars
During your first year of college, many schools do not permit students to drive their first year. This puts all freshamn in the same stranded category. Its good to have a few upper classmen "big sisters" and "big brother" who wouldn't mind showing you the ropes and helping you make that weekly walmart run. 

riends during your lunch period
Maybe they won't be the newest edition to your crew of ride or dies, but they will be good for those lunch hours where your pals are in class..and you aren't. Find someone you see often and just sit down. most people are pretty nice in college so they won't turn you away. If the friendship sparks fly you've got you a new lunch pal!

Friends in your classses
This will be one of the most important connects. This helps you stay abreast in your classes in case you miss a day or you don't understand the material. This is also handy for study groups, making no excuses for you to fall behind.

Friends with your Professor
Yea i said it. It is very important for you to establish some kind of relationship with your professor. They need to know your face if not your name. Make sure you actually show up to class so they can get accustomed to seeing you amongst the crowd. No need to do the extra and become a suck up, but participate in class and sit in the front. Remember your reflecting attitude could determine the difference in a letter grade.

Another Conn...

Lace is a DANGEROUS thing!

The ladies of Grit & Glam love the lace trend that is out now. It can be worn in a variety of ways and proves that lace isn't just something reserved for the bedroom, but something that can be worn out, adding just the right amount of sex appeal (and we're all about sex appeal here :))....

                                                  ....however with good comes bad -__-

Please don't let us catch you looking like this!

It's Fall Bitches!

Ok so its not fall yet, but its approaching and it will be here before you know it. So I feel like its our duty to prepare you for what is probably the BEST time of year for fashion. You're probably wondering why I said that. If you must know...fall colors (Amazing), fall boots, sweaters, and it marks the appropriate return of leather. Wait! I'm not finished. Prepare to have your mind blown. Peep can STILL wear your summer clothes. Yes I said it. That romper you bought, dress it up with tights, and a blazer...perfection. And thats only one example. Your summer tanks can be matched with jean jackets or an even trendier cardigan. Still not convinced? Well here are ways to enjoy fall and look good doing it.

The Lookbook

The Must-Have Accessories