Let Me Put You in Game: A Brief Introduction

Finally it's all over and I can say that I have successfully completed my first semester of college. *wipes forhead* that was tough (sarcasm)lol, but I will say I have enjoyed myself. I have met some great people and some people i could have definitely done without, but all in all  this is the beginning of a chapter I am looking forward to completing. One thing I have noticed though, is that alot of you girls come to college without absoloutely no intel on love, relationships, and just overall pimping these ho's. It really is a sad thing to see. I have seen countless "good girls" turn into your run of the mill..or campus slut. Damn, must you go to college and loose all of your morals! No worries. Thats why i'm here; to try to talk some since to you silly whores. Listen up kiddies, i'm about to put you on game.

RULE #1 Pimp These Niggas Before They Pimp YOU!
Ladies, ladies. This is the first semester of college. Can we please chillout on all the soulmate searching until we at least get into 2nd semester sophmore year? I'm just saying. Boys these days are not looking for wifey..not at this particular moment. These are the prime years of your you really want to squander it away in boring relationship? Shit, not I. The trick is to make him feel like he's the only one but in reality he's just one of many. Give him that smile that says i want you..and turn around and give it to the next guy, But be careful. Don't go around obviously showing affection. Watch your surroundings and know who runs with which crowds. Believe it or not ladies, guys talk just as much as we do and they assume. Assuming makes an ass out of you. Lets keep the Speculation to a minimun.

RULE #2 Be Honest
Tell them the truth. "Yea I like you, but i'm just trying to chill." I think he'll appreciate your honesty alot more than the run around.If he really likes you, he will see this as a challenge and work just a tad bit harder to make sure that at the end of the day he's who dream about and ultimately making you his. Touching? I know. I'm not saying to keep information slipping like a faucet. If he wants to know then he needs to ask. Like the old saying goes "a closed mouth don't get fed". It also makes it easier. Keeping up with several different lies is tedious work especially if you're playing the game right and pimping these ho's.

RULE #3 Don't Be Afraid To Make Moves
The guy does not have to be the first one to text everyday or ask to chill. If you want to come back to his dorm and watch a scary movie..make that happen. The game is to control his emotions. To unleash your charm and have him hanging at the end of your every desire. But of course you don't know that hence the fool you've made of yourself already. Listen up. Make him like you, make him enjoy your company. Ask him what he likes to do and what qualities does he like in a female. So he's a Drake fan? Talk about your favorite song and his new claim to fame. SOMETHING! Tap into his interest and things that you all have in common so you can form that hold needed to keep him hanging on.

RULE #4 Assign Positions
Just like a true pimp in the game, all your ho's should not serve the same purpose. Whats the point of having so many if they all do the same shit. Thats called being a slut. I particulary think that three is just enough. Not too many to get caught up with..but just the right number to have in case one falls off and you have to place another player in the game. Three firm positions to assign each player is a Jump off, a Boo Thang, and a trick. Let me explain.
--->Now your jump off serves the purpose of handeling sexual favors. You need a quick nut, give him a call. The thing that needs to be important in deciding on a quality JO is privacy. He must respect your privacy and keep businees to himself. If you're a slut, you're a slut. People are going to find out eventually. No need to speed up the process. Also with your JO, make sure this nigga is fye at what he does. Head game weak? Said he can't fuck? Pass.
--->Your boo thang is just that. He's a total sweetheart and if you were thinking of settling down, then he's definitely in first place in being that guy. He's the kind of guy you can spend the night with and wake up your clothes still on and you cuddled in his arms. That cute shit. Be careful with this guy because he has feeings and you don't want to run him off with your gaming. He serves the purpose of your "bottom bitch" and if he's gone, when your structure collapses what do you have to stand on then?
--->A trick is the guy who likes to spend money. So please ladies DO NOT have no broke ass nigga trying to be your trick. Thats only leading down a road of dissapointment. Tricks must be rotatable though. After spending so much money on him, you are eventually going to be pressured to put out. So when the pressuring gets tough, hit him with the hand and on to the next.

RULE #5 Keep Your Business
Stop talking so damn much. You owe nobody an explanation as to where you were last night or what that is on your neck. Tell them ho's to kick rocks. Only tell people who can keep things to themselves. Too many people in your business means you are giving too many people the opportunity to slip up around other people whom you don't know and that just leads to drama. I don't know about you but thats some shit you can definitely miss me with.

Okay Ladies. This is only the beginning. Of Course there are many more rules and things you should know..but thats not what i'm here for. Game is something you acquire over time, something you pick up on in certain situations and are able to retain over past trial and errors. These are just a few tips to help you try again for a better go-round next semester. Please don't let me down. Feel free to print this post off and hang it on your wall.'s just that serious.