Uh Oh!

So I'm minding my business on Twitter, when I see that Kanye West popped it off on Britney Spears. I WAS SHOCKED! Like I'm definitely a Ye fan, BUT Britney Spears is my muthafuckin' bitch! She's a legend and just personally this is one time I was not on Kanye's said. I've been listening to H.A.M. for a few days and yes it is a great song; however, "Hold It Against Me" is Britney's comeback single and the success is well deserved. 
But this minor Twitter beef got me thinking, part of being respected in the music industry is "good sportsmanship." It's about accepting when another artist receives awards and recognition, and working on improving your craft so you'll have that number one spot. Needless to say, my man Kanye is lacking in that department. When will you learn Kanye?