You can never have too many friends.

College is all about networking. Like a wise man once said "It's not always about what you know, but sometimes who you know." I personally think that everyone serves a purpose. Even if the reasoning is as miniscule as to make me laugh or as lage as being my personal chauffer haha, everyone is here with some acts in mind. **Disclaimer- we are not promoting using people to get what you want and need, we are simply saying that close ties to people of these assessts make things a little bit better.

Friends with Cars
During your first year of college, many schools do not permit students to drive their first year. This puts all freshamn in the same stranded category. Its good to have a few upper classmen "big sisters" and "big brother" who wouldn't mind showing you the ropes and helping you make that weekly walmart run. 

riends during your lunch period
Maybe they won't be the newest edition to your crew of ride or dies, but they will be good for those lunch hours where your pals are in class..and you aren't. Find someone you see often and just sit down. most people are pretty nice in college so they won't turn you away. If the friendship sparks fly you've got you a new lunch pal!

Friends in your classses
This will be one of the most important connects. This helps you stay abreast in your classes in case you miss a day or you don't understand the material. This is also handy for study groups, making no excuses for you to fall behind.

Friends with your Professor
Yea i said it. It is very important for you to establish some kind of relationship with your professor. They need to know your face if not your name. Make sure you actually show up to class so they can get accustomed to seeing you amongst the crowd. No need to do the extra and become a suck up, but participate in class and sit in the front. Remember your reflecting attitude could determine the difference in a letter grade.