Bad Ass vs. Bad...Ass -__-

This Week: Texting!

Typically we save these posts for fashion nightmares, but lately I've encountered some texting mishaps that I feel must be attended to.

1. When you receive a text from a close friend/BF/GF

Do: Respond back immediately (5 minute maximum)

Don't: Ignore the message because you will run into this motherfucker again and nine times out of ten...they're going to call you out!

2.When you receive a text from someone that pissed you off

Do: Hit them with the "who is this?" text, this is guaranteed to get anyone salty.

Don't: Respond like everything is cool because IT'S NOT!

3.When you receive the "LOL", "K", or "Alright" response.

Do: Take that as the end of the convo

Don't: Reply. I mean really what can you possible say after "Alright"?!

4.When you're over the age of 13

Do: Keep your texts classy.

Don't: Add a signature (ex. Zone 6 Princess) I don't want to read this shit after every text i get from you.

5. When you have an iPhone or Blackberry

Do: Double check that the message actually sent.

Don't: Assume that it did and get pissed off when you don't get a response.

*Additional Reminders*

Some things are just WAY too much to text, so you should probably go ahead and make that call, if your text messages are going to be 10 pages long. -___-