Back To School Must Haves

Its that time again kiddies! Haha. School for college students and our oh so young highschoolers is right around the corner and if you haven't purchased any back to school are, dare i say it..losing. Get off your lazy bum and head to the stores...NOW! Don't know what to get..don't fret. Thats why we're here...and they said we were meangirls.

For Highschoolers

The infamos jean jacket. Once again if you haven't purchased this item ladies..idk what to tell you. They are so freaking cool! They supply the perfect amount of edge for every outfit and can turn a totally dressy fit into something super lax. It's not too hot for summer wear and good for a cold classroom during the fall. BUT i will say..if your style does not require one of these...don't purchases it. This look isn't for everybody and there is nothing like a good trend gone wrong. Stick to what you like and don't fuck it up for everybody else with your poor fashion taste.

A flowy skirt. Do not overestimate the looks available with this one item. This is definitely seasonal wear. You can wear it in the summer with sandals, in the fall with boots and a sweater,and even winter with those same boots and nude stockings. They are very versatile. They also are appropiate for school. We all remember how the teachers would trip super hard about skirt lengths.. get them fingertip length..i mean like really. It'll make things alot easier for you. You want your garment to be seen by your peers..not used in overkill as your weekend gear.

Ugg boots, a cold weather classic. I was going to suggest jogging suits, but how many times can you wear the same jogging outfit to school..not very many. You can wear these as many times as you like *winter wear only* and they are expensive so who is going to tell you that you are not allowed to get your moneys worth from this purchase..nobody thats who. We all have a pair and they are so freaking comfortable. It's like walking on clouds..deadass. Perfect for those cold winter days that you simply didn't feel like getting dressed. A purchase worth the price.

For College Students

Rainboots are a must. If you are anything like me, when it rains..uhh class is not my first thought, at least not throughout highschool. This is a way to help get you out the dorm and into class without letting your grades suffer..or your other shoes. They don't have to be entirely expensive so don't try to go out and by the trendiest pair. These are strictly for class..lets not over-do it ladies.

Now YOU are allowed to wear the same jogging esemble a few times. You're in college..why are they sweating what you choose to wear to an 8am class. They are super comfy and victoria secret is known for their pink collection..even though alot of their stuff is getting really basic. You don't have to be comfy and ragedy though..pick out something cute. Match the bottoms with your jean jacket..or the top with a pair of leggings. Don't be afarid to mix and match.

The majority of the people in college are at least 18 years or older and if not you have your college ID to help you gain entrance into clubs. Partying is a big part of the college experience and you have to have your party gear! Cute fitted club dresses are a must. You can pick these up from anywhere. Forever 21 has many little ftted dresses..but i wouldn't do the most in this store. This is a bargain hunters dream store and the worst thing is being in the club and noticing someone esles with your exact same outfit on. 0_o

Every woman needs them a go to pair of black pumps. They are good for job interviews, class presentations, and you can wear them out on those club nights. I personally suggest you pay quality for these shoes since they are used for a different array of events. I don't understand how people can go to bakers and pay $90 for a pair of their shoes when they could pay the exact same price for Steve Madden's or Jessica Simpson's and get a way better quality and a popular brand. Remember you pay for what you get..even though you are paying for over priced quality. Lets be smart about these purchases. Have you ever been walking and your heel broke in the proces??..yea, don't be that girl.