College: Sex, Drugs, and Fashion.

Hey Guys, it's Aoki! I'm blogging from my dorm room because we finally got steady wi-fi in this bitch. Can I get a fist pump PUH-LEASE?! Any way back to business. I've only been a college student for a week and when I've seen some things...believe me!

Sex ;-)

Let's talk about it. Ok for starters in a little less then a week some people have already been caught up in drunken, meaningless sex, while others are steadily getting it in. But for real guys this is college and who am i to yo thang honey! But to be honest having sex in college is expected, but don't be "that ho" with the reputation. Although its not high school, I still feel that when there's 30,000+ students on campus PEOPLE SHOULD NOT KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. So wrap it up, be safe, keep it classy.


Can I be real for a minute? I go to a predominantly white university so kids here are not just smoking weed. Now weed I can support; however I've met kids that pop pills and ones that can't go a day without for real. But once again, I am no place to judge. For I have pretty much sipped the some of the "Devil's Nectar" just about everyday...i confess. Here are my thoughts. Weed=cool, X=MUTHAFUCKA NO!, alcohol=don't get wasted every night, no bueno.


OOOOOOOH WEEEEEE! Ok you guys the first day of classes my ass got up early did my hair, put on a cute little dress, brought out the handbag..and then i stepped outside. I saw bitches in biker shorts, basketball shorts, AND pajamas. So I thought to myself comfort is one thing, but come on. You're still going somewhere lets look presentable. And then I came across a group of girls that looked super adorable in their skirts and sandals and shit. Then there was this cool ass bitch with short hair and sunglasses...AWESOME! The cute to comfortable ratio is 150:30,000(unfortunately).

Definitely invest in a college hoodie, showing school spirit is EVERYTHING!

Chucks. They'll go with just about anything and they're good for walking to class.

Dress down, but look presentable.

Forever 21 will be your best friend. Its access to cool trends for the broke and bougie.

Note To Self: You don't have to dress like you're on a runway everyday. In high school, people were focused on what you had on, but in college EVERYBODY is just trying to stay a float. So their concern isn't what you're wearing. But don't hesitate to advertise your style every now and then.