I'd Hit That.

I saw this video today and it got me thinking...when is it ok to criticize someone's appearance? Now we've all talked shit about someone before whether it was your friend or some random bitch on the street. Example: "What the hell is this bitch wearing?", "Did he think it was ok to wear those jean shorts?", "She is NOT cute!", or "Daaaamn, he stinks!" You following me so far? Ok, good. Here's the thing, in my opinion, its ok to talk about someone's clothes/outfit choice because they should've known not to wear that in the first place. However, when do you draw the line with making fun of someone's appearance? I think its when you start getting into the things that they can't change. Like calling someone fat. And I don't mean when your size two friend over indulges on the snacks. I mean when you see someone that's 200+ lbs. Sure you're thinking they can change their weight, but it damn sure won't be overnight. People say that the ones that talk the most shit, are the ones that are actually the most insecure. Do I believe that? NO! I think the ones that talk the most shit, are the ones that feel they have room to talk about others. In my most cases, this is true, but sometimes the wrong ones start to criticize and those are the ones that need to be knocked down a notch or two on the confidence meter. So my advice is to be mindful of how you judge the way someone else looks. Be sure that they want to here your advice before you throw it their way. If not just shut the fuck up, keep it to yourself, or tweet about it. (that is if its a random person because if its someone that you have a mutual following with, subliminals are grounds to get that ass whooped).

Peace and Love,

"I'd hit that...with my car."