Badder Than You, Radder Than you

Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity! First, off every girl wants to be a bad bitch. Second, a bad bitch knows that there is no "how-to" for this're either with it or lost. Lastly, a bad bitch doesn't go around proclaiming that she is indeed a bad bitch unless of course its questioned(BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE).

How To Spot A Bad Bitch:

1.The Walk: Regardless of what she's wearing her walk exudes confidence and will capture your attention.
2. Her Style (Don't Call it her swag!)
3. Her friends: A Real Bad Bitch likes to surround herself with guessed it bad bitches.
"Birds of a feather flock together" :)
4. Her Independence

Keyshia Dior


Amber Rose

Rosa Acosta


Eva Pigford

Nicki Minaj

Teyana Taylor


Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie