From the Pier to The office...Your sundress isn't just for sun

A sundress is this summers perfect go to item. Its cute, flirty, and most importantly, weather friendly. But who says that it is only to be worn at the beach. Here is an easy how to guide on taking the sundress from the boardwalk and back into the office.

item: Sundress

A Day at the office:


Nothing too flashy should be added with accessories. Its all about accenting your outfit not overpowering it.



A blazer or sweater is always need to keep loks like these professional. Too muck shin in the office is never looked at with a nod.

A night on the town


Dangling earrings is always a got to item for the night life. No neckalce will be need with looks like this. Unless you have the neck of a giraffe, you don't want to have the look of too much going on. No necklace will also not be needed with this look because of the one shouder strap. The assymetrical look gives enough of a pop as is. The ring from work would also work nicely with this look.


There's something super sexy and fun about these Steve Madden platform heeled sandals. The platform in the front makes it easy for standing in those long lings outside of the club and once inside, those even longer hours of you inside dancing the night away.