Who Could be Mad at Nude Pics like These??

Sending nude pictures has never been a direct path to land you into the "wifey" category amongst the men. In fact its puts you in that other category...which could be labeled slut, ho, jump off..(name is subject to change due to boy).  We've all heard of it, sexting. Its what ever mother dreads their fifteen year old daughter is doing when they are sending text messages on their cell. And one thing I've noticed about private pics are that they never stay "private" for long. Boys are like animals! What did you expect. But are their such things as tasteless nude pics..of course... (check these out)

And we personally just thought this image was cool as f*ck.

"Hey none of these pictures contain completely nude girls". You're a freaking genius! -_-. Thats the moral of this story. Your don't have to show it all to let him get the picture. Any male past the age of 7 knows the excact features of the female we really have to send you images to further enlighten you on the female anatomy? I think not. Leave some to the imagination. If you're going to associate yourself with him on that level, then he's going to see it all and due time. These are just the previews.

And no we will not post images of "bad" nude pics..explicit naked females on this blog? Not up in here.

And check how Erykah Badu takes it all off for her latest video "window seat".