The Perfect Date Outfit for Every Destination

Summer is finally here and with that alot of freedom and outings present themselves, and trust us..the boys are out! This weather gives you the perfect date opportunities. The beach, picnics,and those cute window shopping outtings in areas like little 5 points and atlantic station (love those)are perfect, and what better way to have an amazing time than by sporting an AMAZING outfit. Not sure on what to wear or how much is TOO worries, we're here to help. =D

Destination 1. the BEACH

The beach could potentaily be one of the most exciting and romantic dates of all..depending on how you go about it. A off the shoulder shirt or a quality pair of shorts can serve as the perfect cover-up. They enclose the "goods", if you will, but expose the super sexy areas of the collar bone/neck area, back/shoulder region, and of course the legs. Check out these cover-up do'S:

As far as the bathing suit goes please reframe from trying to wear the very revelaing bathing suits. You have to know your size. He may indeed be your boo, but remember ladies he is not your boyfriend. You can easily be replaced. Check out magazines and websites such as and seventeen magazine for the pefect bathing suit fit for your shape...So unless you have the killer body of her *below* please check it out.

Destination 2. a PICNIC

A picnic with your sweetie could be loads of fun. Bring in a couple of sandwhiches from your fave bistro or if he's a grill master, have him cook up some burgers on the grill at your local park. Trust us you'll have a blast. Bringing games is also loads of fun which lets you get in tune with eachothers competive sides, and who doesn't love a bit of competition ;). Ladies please do not try to come to this even with your heels on. That would be the ultimate date fail and due to the season, a potential summer fail. You're here to have fun and let your guard down, i don't know about you, but those 3 in stilletos would definately be my set back. Try a great pair of sandals or the super fitted and feminine ked sneakers.

A cute romper and boyfriend shorts would also provide the maximum amount of comfort. A dress is not necessarily a bod thing but absoloutely no are at the park, not your neighborhood Applebee's. Lets save that fit for another day.

Destination 3. Concrete Window Shopping

We love this.You and your honey cruising the streets, browsing into  different stores and really getting a feel for each others taste and learning where you all patience lies (yes patience, us ladies can never just browse lol). For this outting if you want to wear your heals...and you are skilled to walk in them for an extended period of time without the constant whinig of "my feet hurt" then by all means do you. All we suggest is that you make sure the shoes are comfy and durable. try a thicker heel.


try to pull off these styles.

Why yes, we did say heels were acceptable...and we did say they needed to be sturdy....but if you ever were to step foot onto the streets with either of these monstrasities..smh, lord have mercy on your soul.