Kill Yourself

This provides a list of the trends that are beyond detrimental to ones fashion standout. If you are a participant in any of these "ideas" then by all means, pull the trigger now.


You are still a avid buyer of the Southpole, Baby Phat, and Dereon fashions.

Come on yall, they sale some of this stuff at Walmart and JcPenny's and if that doesn't provide a big enough fail simply by the distributors market, than i don't know what does.


You are over the age of 12 and you still wear halter tops.

Like how old are you? If you're not allowed to show a little more skin than this then i suggest you just stick to t-shirts because this is definately not going to cut it.


You still think jean capris are the perfect go-to denim.

Jean capris are OUT and if god forbids they will never come back in style. If you are still trying to wear your pair, i would strongly suggest either tossing them or cutting them into some kind of boyfriend shorts.