Denim CRAZE O_o

The American Fashion World has always loved denim since its first appearance in the late 18th century. So its no surprise that after traditional jeans came a million other articles of clothing made of denim material. We are enjoying the denim craze just as much as the next, but this is where having good fashion sense comes in handy... afterall we wouldn't want you to end up like this...

smh.... ALL of anything is NEVER ok! ...but, ALL denim outfits? Really? Ok here are CUTE denim items that you should check out just as long as you promise not to use them all at once! PLEASE! We beg you!
1. Jean Jackets -gives you that rugged sex appeal... told you they were baaaack :)

2. Denim Shirts -extremely cute and versatile

3. Denim handbags -this separates the fashionistas from the... uhhh... oh hell no what were you thinking?!


4. Denim shoes -this can go South just like handbags! *caution*

Try something like these cute Yves Saint Laurent Platforms... :)

and watever you do... just AVOID anything like this monstrosity