The Difference Between Fads&&Trends: Hypemode

For those that aren't constantly checking the trend reports, its easy to get caught up in the lastest "fads" and mistake them for trends. A trend is something that changes over time, but can still be used a closet staple( i.e. skinny jeans, riding boots, etc.). A fad should be(but is often not)easily's a few, good example to know when something is a fad:

1. Just last week you would have never even touched this item, let alone being caught dead wearing it.

2. You don't really like it, but you'll buy cause you wanna "fit in"

3. If you can spot 20 people wearing the exact same outfit(i.e. Polo shirt, Levi's, Polo Boots)

4. You bought it cause all your friends already had it and then when you wear it, tragically you're the only    one.

Reminder: A way to stay clear of a quickly fading fad is to be true to your own style. Wear what suits your personality. Whether you're the prep, the rocker, the goth chick, the baller, or the mean girl :-)...your style will be admired even if its not what everyone else is wearing.