How to Properly Wear Lace

So as we've all have noticed, lace garments are getting pretty popular around this time of year and I personally love them. Its about time this sexy style came from the bedroom to the streets! Lace oozes sex appeal but too much can also elude sluttiness and this is never okay. To make sure you're not pushing your boundaries here are a few key factors.

For legs

Lace stockings are as sexy as they come. I absoloutely adore its fun patterns and think it helps spruce up any Plain Jane attire. To make sure you don't ruin this look make sure your outfit isn't too crazy. A overkill of prints and color take away from the tites and provide a over done mess of confusion. Do the mirror check. If you were a to walk down the street and see another girl with the exact same outfit as you, how would you view her. If you're not necessarily feeling it, take them off and save them for another day.

For Shirts

Lace shirts seem to be a little more tricky to keep classy. The translucent patterns ask for a little more than what should be revelaed for the streets. This look should only be played up with a very conservative bottom. No, I am not saying conservative as in new length skirts and mom jeans. What i mean buy this is a skirt that is basic and covers all the areas provided by the fabric. No tutu's or any of that other crap. Those provide way too much of a clash which will get you nothing but disgusted faces and looks of disdain. If worn with pants they should be one of slack like matrial. I really don't like jeans with this unless a cool and fun boyfriend jean look. Make sure a bra or some type of cuppage device is worn under this grament. A bare chest under a lace shirt for mall wear is highly innappropiate. Save that look for the strip club.

For Dresses

The thing that makes a lace dress super sexy are the lace "areas" of the dress. Lace dresses should not be bought it they are completely lace, unless there is a a piece bought under or a dress piece that you can buy to go underneath it yourself. I love a lace dress that places the lace on the sleeves or on the back of the dress. Those are super sexy and feminine. Remember all lace dresses do not have to be fitted. there are also many cute frilled lace dresses.