Closet Raid

Welcome to Milan's Closet

The Mini
Chosen By: Aoki
Why?: Aoki loves anything fitted and short. But she worns you to know your limits!

Distressed Jeans
Chosen By: Kylie
Why?: Kylie goes for pieces with edge and whats edgier than ripped jeans...NOTHING!

Welcome to Aoki's Closet

The Mini(Zipper In The Front...OH SNAP!)
Chosen By: Kylie
Why?: Its a twist on a classic look.

True Religion Jeans
Chosen By: Milan
Why?: Milan has an eye for any and everything expensive :)

Welcome to Kylie's Closet

The Avant Garde Floral Mini
Chosen By: Aoki
Why?: Aoki just loves skirts and cool prints!

The Jean Jacket
Chosen By: Milan
Why?: Its a closet staple that makes any outfit look f*ckin fantastic!