Hypemode: Tattoos

There's a lot of talk of tattoos... honestly a good tattoo is the best accessory to each and every outfit in your closet! *notice I said a GOOD tattoo* ...Now who is to judge what a "good" tattoo is might be the question you ask yourself! Well... for starters the public is so shut up and listen. Anybody can walk in and get something permanently engraved on their body, but it takes a special person to get a tattoo that is not only creative and unique, but well designed and surely something you will never regret. I recently got my first tattoo and I love it! and at the end of the day thats what really matters...  These days most people get the same tattoos. A heart here, a star there... maybe the ever so popular "Live, Laugh, Love" perhaps? and in a world where all tattoos are NOT created equal it is imperative (dictionary time? lol) that you find one that makes YOU stand out and look good... Make wise decisions young people! Ink is permanent, trust me...

5 Things to Consider when getting a Tattoo:
1. Do i like it?
2. Is it something unique/creative? (do 100 other people have this same tattoo?)
3. Is there any possible way I could regret this later? (do you honestly think you and your current  boyfriend will be together... forever?)
4. When I'm 50 will this still be appropriate? ("Sexy B*tch" on your lower back won't look the same in 40 years)
5. Do I want this to be on me forever? (if no, try henna lol)

My first tattoo... It says "I have no regrets" in French :)

Kylie's first tattoo... Its two bows :)