We Don't Love These Hoes

"We don't love these ho's" was a statement said by both boys and girls alike explaining how this summer they were not going to catch feelings and simply live their lives. A fine motto to live by, if i do say so myself. At first everyone was synonymous. People were enjoying life and playing the "chill mode" card. The term friends with benefits had overcome the word relationship. Doing what the fuck we wanted to strings. attatched. These days i have noticed alot of non-love fakers. How can you honestly say you don't love these ho's, but on facebook you're married. Married. I don't know how you were raised, but females are not to be wifed up..unless you love her. The same kids that say they don't love these ho's but they are the main ones caked up on the phone every night. And i peeped that sweet ass twitter shoutout you gave him. Smh. Stop faking it. If you love these kids, then you love them. I just want everybody to keep it a hundred. Be true to the game and stop sliping on your pimpin.

And i would like to give a special shoutout to the people who say they don't love these ho's and mean it