How to be Bad Ass: Take Notes B*tch!

1. When things go wrong don't get your Victoria's Secrets in a twist, just say...F*CK IT!

2.Borrow a lighter (if you don't own one).

3.Tattoos and Piercings are a MUST! There's nothing sexier than a bad b*tch with nice tattoos or piercings.

DISCLAIMER: Stars, Birds, Lame Flowers or the quotes: "peace, love and happiness" or
"live,laugh,love" DO NOT COUNT!


4. Take sh*t from no one! If you've got style and
confidence, then you'll find your inner b*tch.

5. Learn the art of sex appeal. Sure you've learned how to put an outfit together.
But sex factor will bring you over the edge.
Make it happen and make it work for you.